In Memory of



Obituary for Mr. Wiggles Rivas

On September 19th, 2020 beloved 4 year old family cat, Mr. Wiggles, aka " Wiggs, Wig Pig, Wiggles and Wiggy", crossed Rainbow Bridge. Mr. Wiggles was born the month of November, 2016 in Galveston, Texas, where he was found by pet parent Sherri Rivas in her apartment. Besides his pet mother Sherri, Mr. Wiggles is survived by siblings Lilli Brewer, Mateo Rivas, Andy Rivas, Effy Rivas and his bestfriend Gizmo.
Mr. Wiggles favorite activity was sleeping and cuddling with his humans, and you would find him sleeping in his favorite place, Lilli's pillow.
Mr. Wiggles loved to play with socks and anything covered in catnip, but disliked healthy cat food, baths and the vacuum. He loved to eat catnip treats.
Mr. Wiggles will always be loved and remembered, with every memory being his family's favorite.