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Lil Shush Cortellessa

03/27/2006 - 04/11/2022


Obituary For Lil Shush Cortellessa

On April 11th, 2022, beloved pet/family member, 16-year-old, Cocker Spaniel, Lil Shush Cortellessa, aka “Snuggle Bunny, Shush, Shugg, Shuggie, Fuzzy Britches, Shu Shu Petals, Funny Bunny, My Precious Angel, Sugar Bear” crossed Rainbow Bridge. Lil Shush was born on March 27th, 2006. She arrived via American Airlines on June 23rd, 2006, from Rush Springs, Oklahoma where she was born, to Providence, Rhode Island. She was the most beautiful little puppy that “pet mom” Renee Cortellessa had ever seen in her life. Lil Shush’s nose covered in freckles. She was the only puppy out of dozens on the flight that didn’t poop in her crate. From the moment Renee took her out of the crate, Lil Shush, laid on her chest with her little head on Renee’s collarbone all afternoon and into the night. Lil Shush slept in the same place as if she knew she was supposed to be with Renee. Lil Shush’s best friends were Mommie, Skinny Pickles Magee, Baby and Poppop. Her favorite toys were Kong Plush Squeakers which she always immediately removed from the plush. Lil Shush loved to go on bye-bye rides through Colt State Park, Ice Cream Doggie Dish from Eskimo King, lounging on the porch with Mommie, snuggling and napping on Mommie’s belly, chest or at least the leg with it waws too hot, and begging for food form Poppop. She disliked going to the vet and getting a bath. Once the bath was over, then she was her happy self. Lil Shush’s favorite place to sleep was on or up against Mommie. If Mommie was working, she loved the orthopedic dog bed at Grammie and Poppop’s house. Her favorite food was anything that Mommie was eating. She loved oatmeal, pumpkin pie, steak, ice cream, peanuts, cashews, and pumpkin doggie paw cookies. Mommie Renee’s word and favorite memories:
“I absolutely loved watching her in the rear-view mirror when we went for bye-bye rides. She was so happy standing on my leg and looking out the window, smelling everything as her ears flapped in the breeze. She loved Colt State Park because of the sites and smells, the seagulls, and the ducks and because I couldn’t go over 20 mph. As soon as I went over 20 mph, she wanted to come inside the car. She made me laugh every single day. She was the sweetest, silliest, loving Lil soul, I’ve ever known. She was so patient and always waited for attention. She was perfectly grateful to snuggle with me. Even on my darkest days, into the worst of times, she gave me her light and she made everything better. She made other people smile, who didn’t even know her. Every year on her birthday we went to Petco and they let her pick whatever she wanted. She would pull it from the metal rod and prance her way right to the register, as if she knew I had to pay for it. I am so blessed God sent her to me. I will forever be honored for the time she gave me, for showing me how it feels to be truly loved. To me, she was the child I never was able to have. My sweet precious soul in a fur suit. I love you with everything my Lil Shush, please wait at the gate for me.

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  • I am so sorry for your loss! Sending lots of hugs and prayers your way! She's always with you ❤️❤️

  • So sorry for your loss ♥️ Shush will forever be in your heart! The light Shush brought your life will never fade. Sending Love & Prayers xox -Brianna LaTorre

  • My precious angel you were love and light of my life. Nothing will ever be the same without you. Until I can pick you up and kiss you sweet face....I love you 🤍 Forever Mommie and Me day

  • Mutual, unconditional love that will last forever. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Renee I am so very sorry for the loss of your precious Angel. I so loved to see all your posts of her. They always made me smile ! Hold all that love close to your heart. You are in my prayers 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻 Brenda Marshall

  • She was a beautiful dog and you were the best momma. Blessed to be so loved. 😇💗🙏🏼

  • I'm so sorry for your loss. She has crossed the rainbow bridge and she will forever watch over you. 💕

  • Renee, Sorry for your loss, it's very difficult when our fur babies cross over to the rainbow bridge, it's never easy to say good bye, but always remember she was one of the lucky ones that got a forever home where she was loved and cared for everyday♥️ Take care of yourself Doreen Dasilva

  • Sending you hugs Renee. She was so lucky to have you as her fur mommy. 💗

  • Lil Shush was beautiful, and lived a life of a queen. She had an amazing mommy & family ,3that gave her the most loving life. Her beautiful pictures, would bring sunshine in my life. You are being missed, but will never be forgotten. Terri Iannotti

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