About Our Pet Crematory

How do you define ‘family’? For many of us, the vision of “family” simply must include our pets. At Faithful Friends we are committed to caring for these faithful companions and cherishing the memories left behind.

We know how important it is to celebrate the life of your pet in a way that is meaningful to you and your family. Whether your pet’s loss was expected or not, we are here to support you in making memorial arrangements that best suit your needs.

Meet Our Team

Our dedicated and supportive staff take pride in doing our absolute best to ensure your needs are met. We are here for you.

Cathie has been a very progressive Funeral Director for over 30 years. Years ago, Cathie started hearing friends complaining that it took too long to get the ashes from their pets returned after they passed. Vets handled the cremation through a third party, and it was not very responsive. She decided that no one knew better how to treat bereaved families better than she and her staff. It didn’t matter if the family member was a pet, the grief was the same. That was when she decided to add a pet crematory to her property.